Tidal Energy Turbine Platform Technology

Leading the way in tidal technology

SME PLAT-O Tank Testing


Tidal energy re-imagined

Introducing the world's first subsea tidal platform designed specifically to overcome the tidal energy's toughest challenges.

If tidal energy is such a logical source of renewable, reliable energy, why isn't it being used yet? The problem has always been two-fold:

How can turbines be built strong enough to withstand storm force seas and depths exceeding 40 metres whilst capturing the optimum energy generated by the strongest tides?

How can the current costs be reduced to make tidal energy a viable option to power our homes and businesses?

The potential of tidal energy is vast, yet no one system has yet managed to overcome the huge installation and maintenance costs involved in accessing and harvesting this natural resource.


PLAT-O sits in the optimum position to harvest tidal power

The most popular approach to harvesting tidal energy so far has been to build turbines similar to wind turbines and plant them in the seabed. The problem with this approach is that the costs associated with installing them are huge but crucially the turbines are not actually placed in the optimum position in the water column to harvest the maximum tidal power.

We've solved both of these problems by designing a buoyant platform that will be taut moored to the seabed using an anchoring solution, also designed by our clever team of engineers. We've called this platform PLAT-O, derived from platform for ocean technology. PLAT-O will have mounted on it tidal energy convertors, more familiarly called turbines. The number of turbines is flexible.