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SME in the News

"The Power of Tidal Waters" - Deutsche Welle

News 95.7 - Jason Hayman

Seanergy 2018 - Jason Hayman

"Landward" - BBC Scotland

"Out of Doors" - BBC Radio Scotland

"Turning the Tide" - Deutsche Welle

PLAT-I Videos

The Power of the Tides

Integrated Tidal Energy - "PLAT-I Operations"

Integrated Tidal Energy - "PLAT-I Assembly"

Integrated Tidal Energy - "Inside the SIT"

Integrated Tidal Energy - "How PLAT-I Works"

PLAT-I Inshore Tidal Energy

PLAT-I Installation at Connel

SME PLAT-I Animation

SME Green Isle at Connel Sound

Time-Lapse Videos

PLAT-I Demobilisation from Connel

PLAT-I Installation at Connel

PLAT-I Assembly at Dunstaffnage Marina

PLAT-O Videos

PLAT-O Rock Anchor Development

PLAT-O at Jutland 100 celebrations

DSA Proteus modelling of PLAT-O

Tank Testing of PLAT-O at IFREMER