Anchoring & Connectivity

Making connections in energetic marine environments


Power export, control and structural connections in harsh marine environments

SME's staff are experienced in all areas of marine engineering, and have built up a great deal of technical and operational expertise installing and operating equipment in harsh marine conditions.

We can design anchors and mooring systems that are easily connected in demanding, energetic marine environments.

Offering solutions to industries as diverse as Aquaculture and Offshore Renewable Energy, SME is able to provide systems integration for marine engineering projects.

In the process of installing our own projects we have developed anchoring and connectivity technologies which we are able to make available to other companies for use on their own projects. SME has extensive experience in the design, production and installation of direct embedment anchors including helical anchor piles and RAPTOR rock anchors.

We have designed and built the only ROV capable of installing the RAPTOR anchor subsea, and have successfully installed 8 of these innovative rock anchors to date in extreme tidal sites.

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