Richard Martin

Richard Martin

Engineering and Marine Advisor

A typical day at work involves

Commenting on work done by the team and assisting in finding a good design solution. At LMC it involves suggesting an overall design, writing reports, reviewing drawings, costing of projects and tackling corporate issues.

I learnt my trade by…

Taking an Engineering degree and then being apprenticed to consulting engineers and then marine warranty surveyors. After that, experience on many projects and making sure the work is profitable.

What's the best thing about working for SME?

That tidal energy remains a new industry. An optimum industry design has not yet emerged and I believe SME's mid-depth design is the most likely one to succeed. The team is full of energy.

How do you relax and the end of the day?

I relax at the end of the day by eating nice food cooked by my wife, suggesting we have a drink (a proposition that is normally denied) and watching, only, the news. Weekends involve mostly DIY, bird watching (all varieties where possible) and listening to the latest music.