Dr Penny Jeffcoate

Dr Penny Jeffcoate

Hydrodynamic Engineer

A typical day at work involves…

A wide variety of activities, from designing solutions for reducing drag and loads on structures to assessing site conditions and expected environmental loads. Following on from successful sea trials my day also includes assessment of the platform and turbine performance and array design for future PLAT-O installations.

I learnt my trade by…

I studied for an MEng in Aerospace Engineering which led to a PhD in Civil Engineering, investigating the wake effects of tidal barrages. After a couple of years of PostDoc research in testing tidal stream devices in Strangford Lough I moved out of academia for some experience at the cutting edge of the tidal industry, testing full-scale devices at exciting sites such as EMEC.

What's the best thing about working for SME?

There is always a wide range of activities going on and you gain a lot of experience in a variety of areas. The team all works closely together, both on and off the water, and there's a real sense of comradery and motivation to achieve a successful, innovative tidal device.

How do you relax at the end of the day?

I spend most of my time outside of work on the water too, either offshore yacht racing, inshore dinghy racing or just on the RHIB ride home. I try to be quite active too, and enjoy Tag Rugby and Circus Trapeze, though this is mostly back at my other home in London. If all else fails then of course there's always someone from the office happy to head out to the pub in Cowes!