Jason Hayman

Jason Hayman

Managing Director

A typical day at work involves

My days are pretty varied as there are a wide range of stakeholders that I need to interact with on a regular basis; these include customers, funding bodies, investors, regulatory bodies, suppliers and other development partners, and of course, the team here at SME. Keeping everyone up to speed during such a dynamic development process can be challenging but I am very lucky because I have a great team to help me keep on top of it.

I learnt my trade by…

A combination of time on the water, time in the classroom and time out in the field on some very interesting projects. I have been very fortunate; I didn't follow the conventional route of going to University straight after school- instead I spent six years working on boats all around the world in places as varied as the Med, Antarctica, the Amazon and the Bahamas. This gave me an invaluable practical grounding and when I finally went to University to do my degree in Naval Architecture, I think I got a lot more out of it because I had a feel of what was practically possible and this helps massively during the design process.

What's the best thing about working for SME?

We have a clear and well defined mission, and a great team that is passionate about achieving our objectives. I truly believe that what we are doing could have a profoundly positive impact on coastal and island communities that are fortunate enough to have tidal resource. Developing a technology like PLAT-O is challenging on a number of levels but it is tackling these challenges, whether they be technical, funding or regulatory, that keeps me motivated- there is always a solution to be found!

How do you relax at the end of the day?

I am very passionate about competitive sailing, both around the cans in the Solent and offshore I spend quite a bit of time when I'm not working at SME either on the water training or racing or in the yard working on the boat. When I'm out on the water is probably the only time that my phone is off and I'm not checking my e-mails!