Andrew Hunt

Andrew Hunt

Engineering Manager

A typical day at work involves…

On most days during design phases the morning 'whiteboard' meeting usually sets the days priorities often followed by a quick fire brainstorming/problem solving session with the team. During peak manufacturing phases and especially into operation phases activities are more hands on and being a small dynamic company I am allowed to get my hands dirty.

Recently that meant operating the anchoring ROV but in other phases that will mean donning diving equipment and going for a underwater swim to inspect PLAT-O.

I learnt my trade by…

Hard work and play. An interest in the sea, on-next to-in and under it, bind both work and play together.
Seeing projects from start to finish and doing pretty much all the jobs that entails has built a valuable experience bank to draw on.

What's the best thing about working for SME?

An underlying determination to make marine renewables happen at a sensible scale. We're actually making it happen and not just talking about it. Everyone is working towards that same goal.

How do you relax at the end of the day?

Spending time with my wife, planning the next diving expedition or a pint in the local, the Pier View.