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Tidal energy is currently not being produced on a commercial basis. By the end of 2015, SME will deliver a product to the tidal energy market that will be commercially viable - generating income to reinvest and providing a good financial return for investors. SME have been taking incremental steps towards proving their platform technology. SME is following in the wind industry's footprint and believes the quickest and most efficient way to create a big industry is to start small, which entails less risk, is cheaper and faster!

The early focus in tidal energy development has been on the utility companies but they are not investing. It is technology start-ups like SME that are progressing the industry to fulfil its potential. SME's approach is to grow sustainably and provide sustainable returns to its investors. Given the early stage of development of the technology, SME will provide investors with a commensurate return, outperforming other renewable energy investments.