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Early adopter

Identifying our potential customers has been key to building a business model for SME. We need the right sort of customer to become an “early adopter" of our technology and take the first step on the pathway to growth. We're aiming our efforts at the local energy market. This market is made up from local businesses, landowners, local government and coastal communities. Some of these groups have already been involved in the development of solar, onshore wind, hydro and biomass energy projects, so have a taste for the innovative ideas involving renewable energy.

For this, community-scale market, we are providing a low cost, low risk entry point with a quick route to revenue. We believe that starting small will allow us to solve issues quickly and build confidence in the technical and commercial viability before expanding. To its customers, SME is not asking them to take on any risk. SME will provide the end-to-end system; build, installation and supported by maintenance program.

If you want tidal energy for your community make sure you get in contact with us, even better come and visit us at our facilities in East Cowes, Isle of Wight.