AROV & Rock Anchoring

Sub-sea installation

Our specifically designed anchoring remotely operated vehicle (A-ROV)

Our specifically designed anchoring remotely operated vehicle (A-ROV) can operate underwater to install anchors for PLAT-O. We lower it off a boat onto the seabed. Then drive it, using remote controls on the surface, to the exact spot required for an anchor and then the drill head gets to work, screwing the anchor into the shingle, mud or rock.

Once it has done the job, the drill head releases the anchor and we winch the A-ROV back up onto the boat. Job done. Then a diver jumps in and goes down to check everything is OK and give us the thumbs up.

We have used this A-ROV to install the anchors for the testing of PLAT-O at Yarmouth and we are now turning our attention to developing a solution for anchoring into rock. We want to have anchoring solutions available for all types of seabed, so that we can ensure PLAT-O can be used at all the tidal sites. There are a few other applications for this type of anchoring solution, which we hope to exploit.

If you can think of one or know of a project that might benefit from the use of our A-ROV do get in touch.